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EPTDO is a national NGO accredited by the U.N. Environmental Program (UNEP) and the only Afghanistan based NGO accredited/admitted by UNFCCC. EPTDO has many other international partnership and accreditations. Read more
EPTDO attended the U.N 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Egypt. During this conference head of the EPTDO had several meetings with the international organizations including GCF, GEF, WB, ADB and Adaptation Fund (AF). 
From 2019 to 2023 the EPTDO-EVN educated 15000+ people through 150+ activities. It has 1400+ volunteer members and organizing public awareness programs through bicycle riding campaigns, capacity buildings, partnerships and media.
EPTDO-EVN has received 6000+ online applications, 5000+ male and female were interviewed. After 3 regular interviews 1482 qualified people with varying capacities from different areas, and regions were selected and registered as volunteer members. 

UN Bonn Climate Change International Conference also known as Subsidiary Bodies (SB 58), will take place in Bonn, Germany from June 5-15, 2023. The conference will bring together representatives from around the world. And we are very pleased to announce that Mr. Abdulhadi Achakzai, an environmental activist and Founder/CEO of the (EPTDO-EVN), has been invited to attend the conference. Read More

EPTDO - EVN volunteer members have been conducting free courses for women and girls in different areas of Kabul city. These courses are covering different subjects such as Women Rights, women inclusion in the development of a country, women roles in reduction climate impacts (air and water pollution).
EPTDO-EVN volunteer members conducted city clean-up campaign in different parts of Kabul city. Main purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of local communities to keep their relevant areas clean and safe. 
EPTDO-EVN is committed to conduct different trainings for the people of Afghanistan. These trainings are main focusing to raise the awareness of the people of Afghanistan.

EPTDO-EVN conducted public awareness campaigns in Kabul, Afghanistan, to educate students and community members about Ecocide law. The campaigns aimed to raise awareness about the impacts of Ecocide on the environment and to promote students and community members understanding about Ecocide as a crime.

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony (MOU) between Stop Ecocide International Organization (SEI) (UK Company) and the Environmental Protection Training and, Development Organization – Environmental Volunteer Network (EPTDO-EVN) in Afghanistan was held on March 7, 2023 in the EPTDO HQ office in Kabul Afghanistan.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation is core objective of EPTDO-EVN to implement the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s) in every part of Afghanistan and chart the progress toward improvements in all 17 SDG’s.

Sustainable Development Goal (13) to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.


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Climate Change and Climate Crisis in Afghanistan!


Climate change has become a serious threat for the people of Afghanistan. These threats are the extreme increase in temperature, severe droughts, flashfloods, air pollution, water pollution, losing of biodiversity, absence of climate resources. There are also many other climate change harms that directly affects the poor communities of Afghanistan. This country is among the top 6th countries most vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change in the world.

Afghanistan made some progresses to mark climate change impacts and find access to global resources. But, unfortunately after August 2021, this the most vulnerable country lost all its resources and expertise to find better solutions and keep the resources alive.

We urge the world to consider this the most affected country in their supports and global assistance in regard to the climate emergences. There is urgent consideration required by international partners and funders to control the unprecedented impacts of climate change in Afghanistan.


It is expected that 2 billion USD is required annually to control climate change impacts in Afghanistan.

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