EPTDO/EVN tUrn-7 activities in Afghanistan from 10 – 14 Oct, 2022

Following public awareness programs, the Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN) members conducted environmental awareness campaign in Kabul city on 11 October 2022. They have traveled on bicycle to educate public communities on main roads, streets and public parks. They have curried different messages with them about the responsibilities of people about their environment. The EVN committed members will continue such extraordinary, commended campaigns during tUrn-7 week in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan.

1- Campaign on Bicycle riding

The EVN members were divided into different groups. Every group was conducting campaign via riding on bicycle in their relevant areas.

The EVN reached to all 22 PDs of Kabul city and around 4000 people got awareness through this campaign.

2- Educational Programs

The EPTDO/EVN members conducted trainings for different students. The trainings were conducted in Balkh central university and other private institutes.

3- Women specific program (conducting trainings, visiting families).

The EPTDO/EVN female members conducted trainings for different female students. The trainings were conducted in Kabul Al Mostafa International University. The young girls learned about their rights and their role in society. Female members of EVN were divided in to different groups and they traveled to different location of Kabul and trained families.