Roundtable high-level discussion on climate change in Afghanistan

Roundtable high-level discussion on climate change in Afghanistan

Organized by: European Union Delegation to Afghanistan and the World Bank Team

07 May 2023, Kabul Afghanistan | in-person meeting

Abdulhadi Achakzai, Environmental Activist and Director of EPTDO – EVN Organization attended the roundtable high-level discussion on climate change in Afghanistan organized by European Union Delegation to Afghanistan and the World Bank Team on 07 May 2023, in Kabul Afghanistan.

Mr. Tomas NIKLASSON – Special Envoy of the EU for Afghanistan, Ms. Rafaella Lodice – Head of the European Union Delegation to Afghanistan, Ms. Melinda Good, World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan. Political representative of the UNAMA office in Kabul, UN agencies, Diplomats from different countries, national and international organizations, climate experts, practitioners and activists participated this meeting.

The participants of the meeting discussed about key drivers of sustainable solutions, resilience, and current context of climate change in Afghanistan, the effects of climate change on urban and rural communities, how can infrastructure development reduce the climate vulnerability of rural areas?  Who are the key stakeholders that can drive a green transition in Afghanistan, and what roles can they play?

All participants of the meeting exchanged their ideas and perceptions. During the session a specific time was given to Mr. Achakzai and he delivered his speeches regarding the experiences and lessons learned from the UN-COP27 conference and current context of climate change in Afghanistan.

During the session Mr. Achakzai emphasized that, Afghanistan is considered among the top six countries most vulnerable to climate change in the world. Although, ecological, climate, and social destabilizations are everywhere present in Afghanistan, but climate finance has been also virtually absent since August, 2021. He mentioned that Afghanistan has the potential to be a major contributor to drawing down global warming, protecting ecological diversity, minimizing pollution, and creating other good outcomes for all. Providing Climate finance for Afghanistan to ultimately control the climate crisis would support all climate outcomes.

He concluded his statement in two specific suggestions

1 – He urged the organizers and representatives of different agencies to finance climate movements in Afghanistan. He said that there are several initiatives and non-governmental institutions ready to do their parts. Although, the world is financing other lifesaving measures addressing some of the emergencies in Afghanistan, the climate change of this affected country needs sustainable solutions and deserve to be financed.

2 – He called on all participants or organizers of the event to continue organizing such meaningful conferences, and besides this, to please support our participation in the future United Nations Climate Change International Conferences such as COP28. We are invited to attend the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bonn Germany but there is no budget or other means of financial support to cover the minimal needs and costs of our travel there. If we are able to secure donations to allow representatives to attend COP28 in Dubai, we will open a pavilion and will conduct several conferences and side-events to get the attention of the world focused on Afghanistan and understanding the MENA region’s important role in climate solutions.

You can find full statement of the session attached here to this file, the right of the statement is reserved with EPTDO-EVN

Statement of Abdulhadi Achakzai

Photo from the EU Office social media.