Environmental Protection Trainings and Development Organization (EPTDO) is the largest non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable organization focused exclusively on climate change, environmental safety, livelihood approaches, water and sanitation, gender equality, education and ecological issues in the country, and it is the only group focused on these issues that is fully functioning at present. EPTDO has a volunteer group of experts and activists which is called the Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN). EVN has 1400+ volunteer male and female members throughout Afghanistan who are working on environmental education through public awareness programs, scholarly lectures, partnerships, and city clean-up actions. This extensive network includes branches of volunteers in every region of the country, and is led by a core group of men and women in Kabul. EVN has an excellent reputation for environmental campaigns and fair-minded, inclusive, environmental education and women advocacy programs. The EPTDO/EVN has an extensive 10 years strategic plan with a clear policies and procedures. This organization also has a dynamic team of activists, lawyers, community organizers, public health experts, media and communication experts, and very qualified people from different communities of Afghanistan. The EPTDO/EVN has its official organizational structures which Abdulhadi Achakzai is Founder and Director and the Deputy Director of the organization is a female. There are many other senior positions for male and female qualified and people. These opportunities has specific rules for engaging young male and female generation in every hard times.


Based on the Afghanistan Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) law, the Environmental Protection Trainings and Development Organization (EPTDO) was officially registered with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan as a non-profitable and tax-exempt NGO. Registered No. 5008 in 2020. The EPTDO has its bylaws and statutes which is a constitution detailing the mandate, scope and governing structure of the organization.

The Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN) which was established by an active group of meal and female in 2019 came under the structure of EPTDO. Based on the Afghanistan Environment law, article number 7, the Environmental Volunteer Network was also registered with the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) as an Active Environmental Association. (Reg. No. 854/19693) in February of 2020. The EPTDO and EVN network initially conducted its volunteer environmental activities solely in Kabul, Afghanistan, and then expanded its planning so that it now has extended its reach to all 34 provinces of the country. EVN membership is always open for active interested people through an application and interview process. Currently, 40 eligible civil societies are registered with EVN as volunteer partners/members, and as of January 2022 more than 1400 qualified people from different careers and disciplinary areas, regions, and with different capacities are registered as volunteer members. It is both an NGO and an Environmental Association.


Founder and director of the EPTDO/EVN was a former employee of the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and worked on behalf of a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) funded climate change projects, USAID projects, GIZ and other national and international organizations. Hence, he has created EPTDO/EVN by integrating the best and most effective strategies of a non-governmental agency, with the structures of an INGO (international non-governmental organization), and the efficiency and agility of a civil societies.  EPTDO/EVN has many learning partnerships as well, that match its educational mission, both in and out of academia.