Environmental Protection, Trainings and Development Organization (EPTDO) is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization (NGO) that exclusively focuses on climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental safety, livelihood and agriculture development, gender equality and inclusion, biodiversity conservation, achieving net-zero carbon emissions, climate change education, and addressing ecological issues.

Based on the Afghanistan Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) law, the EPTDO organization was officially registered in 2020 with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan as a non-profit and tax-exempt NGO.

The EPTDO organization has a dynamic team of highly skilled professionals from various fields;

  • 30 Environmental and Climate Change Experts,
  • 10 Policy Makers,
  • 5 Lawyers,
  • 20 Community Organizers,
  • 5 Public Health Experts,
  • 10 Media and Communication Experts
  • 15 Agricultural Development Specialists.

In addition to its official structure, the EPTDO organization has a volunteer group of environmental activists working under the Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN) section, with over 1,500 registered male and female volunteers across Afghanistan. These dedicated volunteers actively contribute to supporting the mission and work of EPTDO through various initiatives, including public awareness programs, scholarly lectures, partnerships, and various public engagement actions. Their efforts greatly enhance the impact and reach of EPTDO's missions and environmental activities throughout the country.

The extensive group of volunteers is led by a core team consist of men and women in Kabul and has branches in all regions of the country. The volunteers associated with EPTDO-EVN have gained an excellent reputation for their dedication to environmental campaigns as well as their commitment to promoting fair-minded and inclusive environmental education and women advocacy programs.

Volunteering membership in EPTDO-EVN is open to active and interested individuals, and the organization accepts applications through an online application and interview process. To date, we have received over 6,000 applications through our online application system and conducted more than 5,000 interviews for volunteer membership. After three rounds of interviews, we selected 1,500 qualified male and female volunteers, of which 682 are female