EPTDO statement about the Taliban orders to ban female employees to work with NGOs.


EPTDO believes that women are integral part of every community. Women in every country are making almost half of the population. So their consideration in very part of the development is necessary. The EPTDO is committed to ensuring that women participate in social, political, leadership and decision-making processes that affect them, their families, and communities. EPTDO/EVN’s “deputy” (second in command) position is currently held by and reserved only for a woman. The head of the legal advisory board and gender specialist are also both female. The EPTDO/EVN always encouraged women to apply to many other senior positions to perpetuate an inclusive and balanced organization. The EPTDO has a volunteer network in which 600+ female are volunteers across the country.

In this capacity we urge the government of Afghanistan (Taliban) to take their decision back and let the female employees work and get some incomes. It was indicated in report published by UN that 24 million population of Afghanistan are under serious hunger. Responding to this and eliminating famine and poverty, there is need to allow both male and female expertise to gain some incomes and make a live.