tUrn8 is planned in April 2023, in Afghanistan that the EVN-EPTDO members will organize different activities in Afghanistan.

MENA region countries online conference on climate

I would like to bring to your kind attention that we in EPTDO “a national organization (NGO) in Afghanistan” have a plan to conduct tUrn climate action international week in Afghanistan during April 2023. tUrn Climate Action and Awareness Project is a volunteer initiative centered at Santa Clara University, California CA, USA. Our organization (EPTDO-EVN) is partnered with this project and both organizations conduct tUrn weeks that include local events and global dialogues each April and October. During April 2023, we would like to organize an online climate dialogues among MENA region countries.

This dialogue is an open call for every participants (Professors, NGOs representatives, government officials, youths, lecturers, students, activists, CSOs representatives, women groups and etc. If you are members of the MENA region countries and interested in joining this dialogue please send me your interest of joining in a message or email below. We will share with you further details of the online climate dialogue and the agenda of key talking points.

My email: To: abdulhadi.achakzai@eptdo-evn.org
CC: abdulhadi.matakzai@gmail.com

Abdulhadi Achakzai
Founder and Director of EPTDO
Participated in COP27 conference in Egypt in November, 2022.